Four friends, Five Wheels, No Agenda (II)

THE day began very early with the unexpected rising before the expected. 6 am and we were already at the beach. The previous night was long but had no effect on us. The day had to start with a hot cup of chai by the beach.

Four Friends, Five Wheels, No Agenda (I)

“It is time to take a roadtrip” said one. Congregated nods in affirmation from all sides just confirmed that the event got passed by virtue of unanimous voting, err nodding. “Goa it is !!” echoed a voice, just like any other boys trip discussion would have begun shaping up.

Mesmerizing Godavari (Nashik)

A typical day on the banks of the Godavari in Nashik starts very early with people travelling from across the country reaching well in time for their bath in the flowing waters of the river. A quick bath is followed by a visit to the local temples in the vicinity and religious rituals for the day begin

Streets of Kolkata (Food)

FOOD in Kolkata is next in line, once you have seen the culture of Kolkata. People in Kolkata are huge food lovers. They have great sense of taste and the cuisines are largely different than what you may encounter in the rest of India. Flavor dominates the preparations without too much fuss over ticking the Scoville scale a few notches high.

Streets of Kolkata

“Streets of Kolkata” is a series of shots I just posted on Instagram and my Facebook page (@njphotografy). This series resonates my perspective of Kolkata a city in West Bengal – eastern part of India. Diverse yet rich in culture, the city of Kolkata packs quite a punch when you come face to face with its cultural side. Enjoy the scenes of “Kolkata through my lens”

Maheshwar – on the banks of Narmada (2)

I stepped into one of the shops which was displaying beautiful Maheshwari sarees , the fine weaving and finish of the saarees made me want to pick up one for my mom. the vibrant colors and mix of silk could make a saaree cost anywhere between, Rs.2000 to Rs. 25000 (USD 40 to USD 400 approx) or even more at times

Maheshwar – on the banks of Narmada

Maheshwar as a town is well advanced with all necessary luxuries that a person may need with a religious touch that transports the mind and soul into trance. The sheer sight of the Narmada river soothes the nerves and makes the mind wander

Heart of India – Madhya Pradesh

My trip was focused on Photography, so I chose the culturally rich belt of “Mandavgadh” (Mandu) & “Maheshwar”. A distance of approximately 95 kms from the central city of Indore transferred me to an entirely different world. A world full of marvelous architectural wonders. Creations that would embarrass some of the top architects (maybe) or construction companies (for sure). Way back in the 15th century, its size, variety and sheer appreciation for art must have been most definitely underlying virtues the entire city was built on.

Going Solo

It was not easy, as choices were many and logistics were tough. One thing was frozen – it had to be an unknown place and I had to be alone. I kept thinking of options all night long and what preparations it would take.

Pavankhind – an annual ritual

The alarm went off, Saturday 12th November 2016 (04:30 am), I haven’t jumped out of my bed so fast for the past six months. Bags checked, Camera checked, batteries and chargers packed. We picked up the others and were soon cruising on the NH4 towards our 2 day hideout “Amba Resort, Pavankhind.” There is something special about this rustic place that makes us revisit each year. The food (for sure), the people, the calm in the air, the silence – the peace, sometimes we feel its more than all of this, like an emotional connection.