Learn Photography

Photography is a passion more than an art or a skill. It is the way of life for most people who have converted this passion into a full fledged dream.

I shoot my pictures as I travel or on a personal request and I upload/share them willingly. Photography has helped me changed my perspective on life.

Based on multiple requests and finally I have given into the pressures of accepting coaching on the very “basic elements of photography”. It is not tough if you develop the eye and the inclination.

My job will be to help you see what I saw through my lens and capture it the best possible way. 

It involves some techniques and mastering the basics.

Click on the link below and register yourself for a soon to be announced “Introduction to Photography” module. Stay tuned for details.


“No” You do not need to own a DSLR or have any previous DSLR photography experience – that’s what a hobby is right ?


Quick Photography Tips:

Doesn’t matter If you found these tips easy or difficult, understand the basics and it will be all very easy.

Happy Shooting !



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