Four friends, Five Wheels, No Agenda (II)

THE day began very early with the unexpected rising before the expected. 6 am and we were already at the beach. The previous night was long but had no effect on us. The day had to start with a hot cup of chai by the beach. Words weren’t spoken, just glances thrown. Random glances at each other, the cup of chai and back to the waves that were gently crashing into the sand. The entire expeience was infinitely mesmerizing. We sat there for the next few minutes till we realized we had to get some pictures before the sun came down hard at us.

I love walking on the beach, pretty much aimlessly. Walking on the beach relaxes the feet, eyes and almost every muscle in the body that gets stressed due to daily work routines. We walked for a kilometer in a direction that our hearts felt. Such a rare phenomenon that when you live in a city.


Clicking away as we watched little crabs bury themselves under the sand just as each time a wave came crashing and wash them away.

It was difficult to tell if they were hiding or playing as I bet I saw a few of them smile. Just as the crabs would come out of their holes drenched in sea water, gulls would pop their beaks into the hole and swallow them whole. Such is life !

Taking close shots would need an understanding of aperture and shutter speed. Reach out to our Travel & Photography Tip (T&P Tip #6) to learn more. 


We moved on to our next item on agenda – wait, what agenda ? Just Travel, Eat, Sleep and Repeat. So next in line was Travel. We packed our bags and checked out of our hotel heading back home not without a long detour (partly planned, partly unplanned) and hitting some amazing picturesque photography spots on the way back.


A quick visit to the local village temple that happens to be the ancestral deity for Amit who was instrumental in getting us here. Offered our prayers and got back on road.

The plan was to drive to a nearby town, take a ferry to cross a small stretch of backwater  then drive along the internal roads till we hit the national highway. The ferry part was fun. The only problem was it ended before we could begin enjoying it. Reminded of childhood days we parked the car in the ferry and headed for the ice cream candy counter.

Just as we had begun admiring passing boats as we twirled the ice cream dollies on our lips, we felt the ferry boat slowing down. We had crossed the small channel already. Hurriedly snapping a few selfies we headed out of the ferry laughing at ourselves but with satisfaction filled twinkling eyes just like little kids. As we continued, the sea would play games presenting us with one of its most majestic views from a hairpin bend on top of mountain and then suddenly vanish away. The journey was mesmerizing to say the least.

We had it all set – the map, the direction, the pit stops. Just as we felt nothing could go wrong, it did. We missed a turn. And then the fun began. The road turned from shiny black to red and dusty adding vibrancy to the already picturesque scenes of Konkan.


Little houses on both sides of the road, smiling villagers chicken fluttering around in their courtyard and water gushing from tube wells finding its way through dense rice crop. We would have missed this, the real beauty of country life had we taken the black shiny road.

Soon we reached a small town ‘Chiplun’. Hunger pangs had started taking effect. Growling stomachs and hungry eyes started preying on eating joints. We stopped at a casual looking eating joint with no more than six to eight tables capable of seating four each. We didn’t have much hope or option.

Mobile Capture

We ordered fish meals (thali) with an intention to get over with it. As the food came in we were pleasantly surprised. The taste was immaculate. The preparation was exquisite. The fish was as fresh as few hours ago cooked in one of the best marinate prepared using local spices. Not a sound till we all finished, thanked the owner and the waiter for serving us. We had eaten to our capacity. The big question was – ‘Who will drive’

I took to the wheel, truly with an intention of speeding up proceedings but soon got lost in the beauty around. Driving patiently on the rough road we stopped enroute to buy delicious mangoes right outside a mango orchard.

The car was soon smelling of mangoes as we relished a cup of tea at an intersection where the last leg of our journey began.

It was late evening as we began climbing the Tamhini Ghat that would bring us to the highlands of Maharashtra. Reflecting back at our short planned/unplanned trip. Singing songs of the 90’s we heavily dragged ourselves back into the hustling bustling city life with one common thought in our mind – what’s the next destination for “Four friends, Five Wheels, with No Agenda

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 In frame:

Pranav, Amit, Nj, Cj

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All pictures property of the author njphotografy © unless mentioned.


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