Five Offbeat Getaways near Pune

Here is an attempt to post the Top 5 near Pune or even Mumbai considering the travel to Pune is just 2.5 hours by road or train. Pune is blessed by mountains, valleys and rivers on all sides making it possible to find quick getaways around.

Flavors of Ramadan

After sunset FOOD is the major focus and that is what we explored on our visit to a local place that lights up post sunset for ‘Iftar’

A Million Fireflies at Rajmachi

The entire tree was covered with fireflies. The sight left us in awe. Nature had its ways of letting us know it was in true command. Spellbound with the sights on display I forgot to pull out my camera and capture the sight

‘The Day of Descend’ (Day 4)

Enjoying the night we slipped into our comfortable bedding, which I must admit, I was happily willing to trade for another night in the mountains in a sleeping bag at temperatures dipping below zero degrees.

The Summit (Day 3) – drenched in body not in spirit

Drenched in body but not in spirit we crawled at an agonizing pace to reach our campsite for the day. The mere sight of our yellow and orange tents made us heave a sigh of relief. Exciting, enticing, stressful, testing and memorable are some of the words that can begin describing the days trek.

Meadows of ‘Khullara’ (Day 2)

We just sat there on the rocks and watched the sun come up. Day 1 was behind us, we had seen through the difficult patch of inclines and negotiated the tiring rocky paths. As the sky changed colors thoughts and reflections kept coming in.

Soul searching in the mountains (Dhak)

A dusty trail was ahead of us. Clear skies, sun beating down relatively easy at that time of the morning. Snow capped peaks in the distance kept shining sharply. Each time we looked up to pause and catch our breath, the peaks looked even more beautiful.

Soul searching in the mountains

Alarms were set for 6 am but we woke up at 5:30. Grabbing whatever warm clothing that was lying near the backpack we stepped out of our dorm. The view outside made us gasp in awe. One of the most amazing sights seen at that time of the day for a very long time.

Sarafa Bazaar – a foodies paradise (II)

It took us few minutes to locate the next street food cart. This one happened to be of an old man, one of the oldest in the business – over 40 years doing the thing he did best.

Sarafa Bazaar – a foodies paradise (I)

During the day the street is bursting with activity as hundreds travel from nearby villages to invest in gold and other precious metals. As the day turns the sparkle of ornaments and jewels is taken over by shining lights that are temporarily set up by the street food vendors.

Four friends, Five Wheels, No Agenda (II)

THE day began very early with the unexpected rising before the expected. 6 am and we were already at the beach. The previous night was long but had no effect on us. The day had to start with a hot cup of chai by the beach.

Four Friends, Five Wheels, No Agenda (I)

“It is time to take a roadtrip” said one. Congregated nods in affirmation from all sides just confirmed that the event got passed by virtue of unanimous voting, err nodding. “Goa it is !!” echoed a voice, just like any other boys trip discussion would have begun shaping up.

Streets of Kolkata

“Streets of Kolkata” is a series of shots I just posted on Instagram and my Facebook page (@njphotografy). This series resonates my perspective of Kolkata a city in West Bengal – eastern part of India. Diverse yet rich in culture, the city of Kolkata packs quite a punch when you come face to face with its cultural side. Enjoy the scenes of “Kolkata through my lens”

Maheshwar – on the banks of Narmada

Maheshwar as a town is well advanced with all necessary luxuries that a person may need with a religious touch that transports the mind and soul into trance. The sheer sight of the Narmada river soothes the nerves and makes the mind wander